Bionley offers many high-quality standardized; Liquid Extracts, Powder Extracts and Pure Molecules

Bionley Doğal Bitki Ekstresi

Liquid Extracts

Bionley offers many high-quality natural herbal extracts. Our unique process to manufacture these alcohol-free liquid herbs uses PG, MEG or glycerine to offer Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Cosmetics friendly.

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Bionley Sıvı Ekstreler

Powder Extracts

Our Powder Extracts are ‘standardised’ and tested to a guaranteed percentage of ‘Active’ ingredient present in the extract. Using ethanol and water as an extraction, the standardised extract is then spray dried to form.

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Bionley Powder Extracts

Pure Molecules

The systematic separation methods has long and widely been applied in the research and development of herbal medicines. However, we have know-how how to produce pure molecules.

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