In order to achieve our goals, we combined all our experiences as a team.

Processing Plants

Our general manager has built and managed many plant processing factories

Extraction Techniques

Our managers, who completed their master graduates education in biotechnology and pharmaceutical nanotechnology continued their academic studies on plants during this period. They have continuously developed their expertise in extraction techniques

Factory Installation

The establishment of two factories was carried out by our managers with the aim of lean production and standardized raw material production.


Cosmetic Experiences

Our technical manager has a lot of cosmetic formulation knowledge in addition she combined her knowledge of this formulation with natural herbal functions and with her MsC of tissue engineering.

Agriculture Experiences

BioNLEY's technical manager worked as a manager in the agricultural sector's quality department for three years.

Analytical Methods Experiences

Our R&D manager has four years R&D experiences and also has three years customer relationship management experiences.